Our Visual Artist, the man behind the covers and flyers of our label. He’s also our opener for some parties, where he can select our finest vinyl selections over the last years…

He study several things in Venezuela, as Software Engineering or Information Technologies, design and art courses and workshops but the low quality of education in some of this areas in Venezuela, force him to move to Barcelona, where he study Motion Graphics on the Institut Superior de Disseny i Escota de la Imatge (IDEP). He worked as a freelance since 2000, also he was a web-design teacher, developer, visual artist, DJ and tennis player.

But Pedro found the biggest inspiration not in schools, but using the experimentation and research, avoiding trendy topics and fashion, and the good use of technology as a ways of auto-learning. To finish a good job and spend the required time on each project, as well as mutate from design to be a programmer or the decision maker is part of his qualities.